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With a great look, a new sound and a greater anointing, Monique Walker, is set to share with the world what is undeniably her beginning. Through her first solo effort, entitled "My Genesis", Monique shares how trusting and believing in God will heal the broken places and give you a "Crazy Praise".

Born in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York, Monique credits her father Bishop Carl E. Williams, Jr. as her encouragement to live a life of good character and honor; and her mother, Sandra Williams as being the staple that kept her grounded, "Between the two of them {parents}, they always taught me to be a sincere inspiration in whatever I ministry, in deed and in mentorship," shares Monique.

Walker's distinct vocals have been featured on various projects spanning more than two decades and are considered to be amongst the most commanding in the gospel music industry. She is best known formally, as one of the most distinct voices of the Grammy Award wining Love Fellowship Crusade Choir where she ministered such powerful and unforgettable songs as "Let the Glory," "Try Christ," and the all time favorite, "Second Chance," a tearful testimony to the goodness and unmerited favor of God.

Surrounded by music since she was a little girl, Monique has been blessed with an old Brooklyn bred soul; She adheres to her core foundation, which includes the legendary Institutional C.O.G.I.C and the world renowned, Institutional Radio Choir of Brooklyn New York affectionately known as "The Hit Makers".

Using the two strongest gifts that she's been blessed with, Monique began combining her ability to minister in song with her authority to preach the Gospel to win souls for the kingdom. She continues to pour out her heart via preaching and singing engagements from many of the nations most respected pulpits and platforms.

Monique's highly anticipated debut project, "My Genesis" is an evangelistic exploration that blends her experiences with her diverse vocal style and charisma into a wonderland of musical ministry. Every song is a testimony to the goodness and unmerited favor of God as Monique expresses her love and appreciation t Him for healing her heart, providing her every need and bringing her into her season.

Speaking about one's season, the song "Right Now" speaks to where Monique is in her life at this moment.

"...this is my season, this is my time, I'm not conceited but I gotta get mine,
now is the time for the open door, I'm going to get what God has in store"

"Those lyrics are so dear to me because it speaks volumes to the sentiment that you feel when you can finally gain access to what you have been asking God to do in prayer. Sometimes we think that certain people have our best interest at heart, but they really have their own agendas. You invest all your talent and time and look for something in return and it never happens. "Right Now" taught me a lesson; people cannot tell you when to blowup, that decision is left to God."

Slowing down the pace for those of you who would like to reminisce on the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir days, she samples a medley track of a few of her past hits. "There were so many, but I tried to get the ones that I thought were the best," says Monique.

A new swing was added to "Second Chance" and "Your Will" as she belts them out just like the old days. "Tried In the Fire" includes her infamous preachers plea and rides out in "Psalms 61"produced by Cedric Thompson who also oversaw production for "Crazy Praise," "Right Now," and Tried in the Fire". Other writers and producers include Steven Ford and the dynamic Kevin Bond.

Monique Walker's debut CD, "My Genesis" promises to fully unwrap the anointed talent that was once hidden and this is only the beginning.

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