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Lawrence Flowers & Intercession


The Walls Group


Encompassing an alternative sound fused with both Gospel and Rock n Roll, this album is self proclaimed to collectively be the greatest body of work rendered by Lawrence Flowers & Intercession to date. "Shadow Worshiper," trailing LFI's outbreak and widely loved and respect sophomore album entitled "More," serves as a clarion call to the supernatural and heroic nature of all man kind. It Encourages all of its listeners to "Still Believe" in the power of self and to recognize the strength and protection that accompanies being one God's most beloved creations.

Raised by his mother on the south side of Houston, Lecrae Moore moved around quite often as a youth. San Diego, Denver and Dallas were once home to him and the street life he idolized and pursued. But at the age of 19, Lecrae attended a conference where he saw hundreds of teenagers who looked and dressed like him, but whose lives were steered by their faith. It was there that he heard the Gospel message and recognized his need for a Savior. Five years later, he would team up with a friend to found Reach Records with hopes of sharing beyond his local context the message that changed his life.

The history of American Urban music is sprinkled with notable young talented singing groups and bands. From the Jackson 5 to The Clark Sisters, brothers and sisters banning their musical talents together have kept generations of music lovers entertained and captivated of the fantasy-like life of family entertainers. There is a new generation of gifted kinfolk and the word on The Walls Group is spreading quickly throughout Gospel and Christian music. From deep in the heart of Texas comes The Walls Group. Darrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah are the singing four of eight children born to Roger and Alicia Walls. With musically inclined parents, these kids could not escape the melodies and harmonies that coursed throughout the household and seeped into their souls.

Zie’l (pronounced Zye - el) Achieving Goals is meaning of German origin. The ladies added through Christ. This gifted group of young ladies has been commissioned to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all ages and walks of life through their exceptional gift of singing. They were all born and raised in the Bright Star Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA, and have been singing together all their lives.

Spirit of Praise Choir was formed in August 2011 Under the direction of Mr. Visionary Joe Douglass. Few artists have the unique story and background like Joe Douglass and Spirit of Praise. Joe Douglass always had the gift of captivating the hearts of people. Initially as a promoter Joe began bringing various concerts, seminars and conferences to the bay area that crossed denominational barriers to bring all ages and walks of life to Christ.

Roll In The Dirt
After generating a strong buzz with his debut EP I Can Do Anything earlier this year, Isaiah Templeton is back with the follow up full length project entitled Roll In The Dirt. The Ohio native is set to make his musical mark, creatively spreading the Gospel through anointed and spirit filled music.


Loose Canon V2
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Joe Douglass

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Lawrence Flowers

Shadown Worshiper
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L. Spenser Smith

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Isaiah Templeton

Roll In The Dirt
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Kevin Terry

I Win
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Youthful Praise

I See Victory
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